Jag lever! Typ.

Kikar in här för att meddela att jag inte är död - även om jag nästan känner mig lite sådan nu. Har fullt upp med studierna och en fet och nervig tenta nästa onsdag som jag plöjer igenom material till för fullt. Sen får vi inte glömma walesiskan heller som också måste göras... Phew, det ska verkligen bli skönt när detta är över. Jag blir inte så värst sugen på att sitta instängd och plugga om dagarna när solen strålar och snön smälter. Nu kan man ju äntligen gå ut...

Det är kallt

Det är förbaskat kallt i Uppsala just nu. Igår var det minus 20 och idag är det i skrivande stund minus 10, men det är troligtvis bara för att solen fortfarande är uppe. När jag steg upp i morse var det minus 22 och en varm morgonrock och en kopp te blev något av det första jag fick på och i mig...

Igår skulle jag för övrigt ha infunnit mig på Kalmar nation för ett möte med den så kallade "blandbandsgruppen" (en grupp med folk som möts var tredje vecka och lyssnar på musik helt enkelt, haha) men dessvärre hade det blivit krångel med lokalen - nationens kör hade bokat vårt rum och vi fick ställa in. Nåväl, en annan gång. Dock kändes lite sådär att ha gått i en halvtimmes -20-gradig kyla för att komma dit för att sen gå hem igen.

Idag har jag haft walesiska, vilket var ganska underhållande, och om ett par timmar blir det fika på stan tillsammans med Emil och en amerikansk tjej jag mött på nationen. Blir spännande...


Äntligen fredag! Den här veckan har varit ganska jobbig så det är utan tvekan skönt att ha lite ledighet att se fram emot. Vad som inte är så trevligt är att det snöat konstant här i lite mer än ett dygn - vilket resulterat i nästan en halvmeter snö att skotta bort. Ganska jobbigt var det...
Dessutom var jag enormt klantig och halkade på en isfläck på väg till universitetet igår, vilket resulterat i att jag idag har ont i halva kroppen efter fallet. Tjohej vad kul! Särskilt med tanke på att vi åkte ut och storhandlade i förmiddags... Nåväl, nu har vi i alla fall fått i oss de obligatoriska fredagstacosen och om någon timme blir det TV-tittande och chips. Perfekt fredag med andra ord.

På tal om gårdagen så såg jag, min enda kursare i walesiska och vår lärare en walesisk film vid namn Gadael Lenin ("Leaving Lenin") som var ganska underhållande trots lite mysko rollfigurer och scener. Så är man intresserad av att se vad Wales har att erbjuda på filmfronten kan man ta sig en titt på den. Tror för övrigt att jag ska ta mig en djupare titt in i Wales populärkultur och vad den har att erbjuda.

Merry Christmas!

Since we celebrate christmas today (the 24th) in Sweden, I'd like to wish you all a merry christmas.


And last but not least... Some music ;)

Click the image to listen.


I'm finally home at my parent's place. The trip down here was... interesting. It should've taken six hours but ended up as eleven. Sweden isn't too funny during winter.
Now I've been busy with all the christmas preparations here... As if the cleaning and stuff back at out apartment wasn't enough, haha. ;) I don't know how much I'll be able to blog now during the christmas days. We'll see. Have a merry christmas everyone!

(Oh and I will get back to song of the day, but it will get up now and then when I actually feel like putting the energy and time into it.)

Day 7: Your crush.

Well. Uh. There's no one at this moment. So not much to say here is there? x)

Day 6: A song that makes you cry.

Oh man, this is hard. I hardly cry just out of hearing a song but there are a few ones that makes me feel very moody and uneasy. Sometimes they make me shed a tear or two.Since I couldn't possible pick just one, here's three for you.

摩天楼オペラ - 風の鳥 (Matenrou Opera - Kaze no Tori)
Nightwish - Ever Dream
Rammstein - Donaukinder

The first one is pretty obvious. It is such a sad tune. Second one a little odd perhaps. It touches a soft spot, I think. And the third one is so beautiful it sometimes causes a tear or two if I'm in that mood.

Edit: Damn this song must be included as well! This is one of few songs that I've actually cried to when hearing it live...
Moi dix Mois - Xanadu

Day 5: A photo of something you really hate.

Feet. Just.. ew. I think I have a foot phobia. xD

Day 4: About your family.

I don't think there's much to say about my family. I've got a mom, dad and a younger brother living in my hometown. They're a great family and I'd rather not reveal anything else to you since it feels a little too private. Sorry, haha.

But, I can present something else to you. This day's band at Wacken's christmas calendar is:

I was actually a bit disappointed since I first thought it was the glam metal band Warrant but then turned out to be the german speed metal band (who's music I have yet to hear)... ;<

Day 3: About your friends.

I'm not an overly social person but I like to meet new people. It's just that I'm a bit shy so it takes some time for me to get comfortable in a certain person's prescence. I don't really have that many friends. It's more like I have a ton of acquaintances and then a few close friends. And I really, really love my friends, although I'm perhaps not always the best person to show it... ^^;
I'm not going to do any namedropping since there's always someone who gets offended because I didn't mention them and so on. However, my friends are quite down-to-earth people. And then they have like... a million different personalities and musical tastes, haha. But I really appreciate my friends for bearing with me and my weird persona.

Day 2: The meaning behind your name.

And so it's day two.
To be honest, I don't know if there's much to say on this one. My online name Katsu is just something I started using loads of years ago and then it's just stayed with me.

My real name appearantly means "the hard-working one" and I guess that fits me, hahaha. I'm quite ambitious. Anyhow, my parents chose it since it was the name of my grandfather's mother I think, so it was just an old family name re-used.

Day 1: 5 interesting facts about yourself.

I've been surfing the web this afternoon after I got home from university and accompanied by some tea and inspiring music I found one of those 30 day challenges as they are called. This one seems quite alright so I'll try it out. At least you'll get to know more about me, whether you like it or not.
Here goes number one!

Day 1: 5 interesting facts about yourself.
Hmm, tough one. But I'll try my best. I'm not sure these are interesting at all, haha.

1. I'm an obsessive person. When I get interested in something it take it to the depths. I'm never vaguely interested in stuff, that's just not me.

2. I didn't care for music when I was a kid. Then something happened. Dun, dun, duuuuuun...! *dramatic pose*

3. I'm really shy and have problems making new friends. This is one hell of a nuisance, I hate it. I wish I was more outgoing and dared to take the first step. I don't know if I'm lacking confidence? Perhaps.

4. My closest friends are all boys. (well, with an exception or two) I have no idea why, actually!

5. I've never failed a single test (at school). Ever. I'm quite proud of that.


...has been productive!

And then, of course, I've been listening to some great music as well. (and got really, really annoyed when I realized it was snowing since I'd been thinking of getting a nice jogging tour this afternoon)

Anyhow, as I was saying, I've listened to music all day. I'm getting a bit stressed about the upcoming project at WeRock: this year's best album-list. I'm supposed to have 10 candidates and rank them from 1 to 10 (obviously), and damn it's hard. So far I've decided on 8 albums out of 10, but I have no friggin' idea on what order I should place them. Okay, the best album of the year is already chosen but the rest is a pain in the ass. There's a lot of difference in genres as well which makes it even harder.

Now off to more studies and perhaps, if the weather decides to be kind, I'll go jogging.

Back to business.

Now both our guests are gone and I'm sitting in my room with this huge feeling of emptiness. I miss them, this week was really, really great. I also got a bit of a pause from my studies which was needed. But now it's time to get back to the everyday life and we definitely have to fill up our fridge and freezer, wash and clean. Not the funniest things to do.

Oh well. We'll meet again. :)

However, I've recently refilled my CD collection. These three CD's can now be found in my shelf. One of the local CD stores is going to get rich since I've been going there way too much, hm. But their prices are really affordable and reasonable. 3 great CD's for 200 SEK.

Deathstars - Night Electric Night (Gold edition)
Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid!
Mötley Crue - Shout at the Devil

Yum. :D


Outside the kitchen window. Marvelous.
We just watched Shutter Island and Jaakko's last day here is coming to an end. Meh.

Snow, snow!

It's been snowing like crazy the last few hours and it's freezing outside. It's not that cold, but it's really windy so it's not too nice to be outside really. I had my last welsh lesson today and in about a month we have the exam. Lots to study!

My window. Yep, that's a picture of Renee over there.

Jaakko's been writing stuff around the house... Haha!

By the way! I noticed I had loads of new visitors today. Welcome, I guess? :'D Hope you'll stick with me and my weird thoughts.


Today is the last day of Elin's visit. Quite sad. She leaves us in abut three hours and then I'm stuck here with Otto and Jaakko. God help me.
Ahem. Today we went for a (very cold) walk to town and visited some shops because our guests wanted to buy something from Uppsala before they went home. I got some inspiration for some christmas presents as well which is great. After running through all the shops we went to a cafe and had a very cozy time.

This is what I ended up buying today:
Tea: Tropical Fruit (my favourite<3) and Strawberry
Scent candles: Jasmine & Citrus (smells wonderful)
Glasses: Moomin themed! These are so cute I'm dying.

Ta-daaah! I ended up putting some candles into them and now it looks extremely cozy. I like :D

All in all this day has been cozy-themed.

All Hallows Eve

So today is All Hallows Eve and we went to visit Uppsala's enormous graveyard which, by the time we got there, was filled with candles everywhere. It was amazingly beautiful. I had bought a candle to light for my grandfather who passed away when I was three years old since I always do that every year.

Elin by the candles. :)
Jaakko by the candles. :)
I love this evening, always so peaceful and cozy...

And when we got home we had a very nice cup of tea/glass of water/cup of coffee/glass of pepsi with some newly bought candles on the tables and all other light sources turned off. Then... the madness begun. Let's just say I will never ever be able to look upon our poor tea kettle the same way as I used to...

A picture says a thousand words...

Busy busy

Aah, taking a break from the studies. So far my essay has become 3 pages (out of 5-6) long so I feel quite satisfied at the moment. I think I'll call it a day now. One page/day is my goal, haha (even though I wrote two pages yesterday, eheh.). And then I'll spend one day on the fine grounding. If I can keep this up I'll be done with it on... monday or something. Yep, good bye weekend!
I still have some welsh left to study though. I'm trying to get a chapter done each day (works pretty good, I'm almost done with today's chapter which is one out of three).
By the way, here's what I've spent my day listening to while studying:

Click the image to listen to the album through Spotify. :)

Oh and here's a picture I snapped yesterday since I found it extremely amusing. It's taken from Otto's chinese course book. XD

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