Day 1: 5 interesting facts about yourself.

I've been surfing the web this afternoon after I got home from university and accompanied by some tea and inspiring music I found one of those 30 day challenges as they are called. This one seems quite alright so I'll try it out. At least you'll get to know more about me, whether you like it or not.
Here goes number one!

Day 1: 5 interesting facts about yourself.
Hmm, tough one. But I'll try my best. I'm not sure these are interesting at all, haha.

1. I'm an obsessive person. When I get interested in something it take it to the depths. I'm never vaguely interested in stuff, that's just not me.

2. I didn't care for music when I was a kid. Then something happened. Dun, dun, duuuuuun...! *dramatic pose*

3. I'm really shy and have problems making new friends. This is one hell of a nuisance, I hate it. I wish I was more outgoing and dared to take the first step. I don't know if I'm lacking confidence? Perhaps.

4. My closest friends are all boys. (well, with an exception or two) I have no idea why, actually!

5. I've never failed a single test (at school). Ever. I'm quite proud of that.



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Katsu Jag går under pseudonymen Katsu, är 20 år gammal och kommer från Skåne men bor för närvarande i Uppsala där jag pluggar. Mina intressen involverar bland annat metal (och lite andra musikaliska genrer), fotografi, språk och spel. Detta lär dyka upp här och var i bloggen.
Det bästa sättet att känna igen mig är på min frisyr. Stort och spretigt - och svart, förstås.


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