I borrowed this book from the library yesterday (rough translation: "Metal/Hard rock - acoustic feedback, studs and wryneck"). I started reading it a bit this morning and it seems great. There's also a second book released a few months ago if I'm not mistaken. Now that's something to wish for as a christmas present. ;)

I feel quite carefree today, something that might be the result of the sun finally deciding to show it's face in about a week without "real" sunlight. It's really cold here as well, last time I checked it was -10 outside. Brr! As I'm from southern Sweden I'm not really used to temperatures like these, haha. We hardly even get any snow down there - last year being an exception.


Music: CRASHDÏET - Generation Wild

I kind of feel obliged to write something about one of my absolute favourite book series that I finished reading a few weeks ago.

by Stieg Larsson

Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander
Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander

It's quite famous nowadays, and that's mainly thanks to the movies I think. It's also becoming a Hollywood remake which I... uh, let's just say I don't really like remakes.
As of now, I've read all the three books and I've seen the movies (or, not really. I've seen the Millennium TV series that have been running on swedish television. It's like extended versions of the movies) and I'm really amazed. It's been a very long time since a book series captured me like these did.
Anyhow. The books tell the tale of the woman Lisbeth Salander and the journalist Mikael Blomqvist. I won't try to explain the plot or anything because I'm lazy and I know that one can find it easily by a short and simple google search.
What captured me in these books might have been the fact that we get to know Lisbeth part by part and unlocking the mysteries of her life as we read along. I could barely put the books away from me and when I had finished reading them it felt like something suddenly disappeared out of my life. Quite sad :/
Anyhow, I recommend these books to everyone! Really, these books (and movies) shouldn't be missed out. (Hmm, I feel like trying to draw Lisbeth... which is quite a surprise since I haven't been drawing anything seriously for more than two years now.)

Mm, books!

The german test went well :)
Today I borrowed two books at the library (which is my workplace, actually):
"I döda språks sällskap" - Translates to "In the company of dead languages", and is exactly what it sounds like. A book about dead languages. Ah, I feel so nerdy it's amusing~
"Flickan som lekte med elden" - ("The girl who played with fire") The oh-so-famous second part of Stieg Larsson's Millenium trilogy.
Hopefully I'll have a lot of nice reading moments the following month or so :)

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Det bästa sättet att känna igen mig är på min frisyr. Stort och spretigt - och svart, förstås.


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