Ozzy to Wacken!

I just got home from a long and refreshing jogging tour and just as I was about to leave the computer for a shower, I noticed this:

"The fan base of W:O:A waited for a long time, finally their prayers have been answered:

The “GODFATHER OF METAL” is going to rock the “Night to Remember” as headliner on Thursday at the 22nd Wacken Open Air.

So prepare yourselves for a unique live show of the “PRINCE OF DARKNESS” with his only german festival show in 2011!

Ozzy is back!

W:O:A team"

This is pretty cool, I've always wanted to see Ozzy live, especially now when I've been reading his biography which is quite entertaining. So here we go, another great artist to add to the lineup. Aah, I can't wait to see what other bands will be announced!

Other than that, I can now report that I'm amost done with my essay exam. I thought I'd finish it up this afternoon after I've had my lovely shower. Feels great!



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