Doro + Song of the day #1

Ironically enough I found myself a new (to me, that is) musical experience yesterday night after posting my ten top singers. Doro Pesch is the person I'm talking about (and her old band Warlock as well). Another female voice that I really enjoy. Isn't it ironic considering how much I was rambling about not really liking female voices? Haha.

However, I got an idea yesterday night (why do I get all ideas when it's time to go to sleep?). This idea is basically "the song of the day". I'll simply open up my main playlist on spotify, put the player on shuffle and press the next song button seven times and there we have it. Sounds like a good idea perhaps? I'll probably add a little picture, a short note about it and then a link to the song. I think this'll be a way for me to update the blog at least once a day. Haha. Be prepared to face lots of different musical genres though...

Okay, so here goes the first one then.

DIO - We Rock
Haha, now this was interesting. As you know I mentioned Dio yesterday in my list list of favourite singers. This song is really powerful and energetic in my opinion and is something I'd listen to when cooking.
We rock!



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