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Meh, tyvärr bestämde sig Mötley för att hålla sig inom USA till sommaren. Trist, men jag antar att det kommer fler chanser. De som gillar thrash är nog däremot jäkligt glada idag då det annonserats att The Big 4 (Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax & Megadeth) kommer till Göteborg - Ullevi den 3:e juli (med andra ord två dagar efter Maiden, jösses). Själv kommer jag inte gå av den enkla anledningen att jag inte är så förtjust i thrash - det enda bandet jag lyssnar lite grand på är Anthrax.

För övrigt fick jag tummen ur ikväll och kollade på Hitchcock's klassiker "Psycho" från 1960... Riktigt bra film måste jag säga - med många intressanta vändningar och ett ganska oförutsägbart slut. Åtminstone tyckte jag det - höjde rejält på ögonbrynen de sista tio minutrarna. Rekommenderar den verkligen, det är en film man bör se någon gång under sin livstid.

Trots att filmen har 50 år på nacken är den ritigt obehaglig.


I'm sorry but I think I have to take a break from the 30 day challenge. These upcoming weeks are going to be really tough when it comes to my studies so I really don't have the energy to write long posts. I'll pick it up again later on. :)


Oblivion and studies

I'm sorry for the lack of updates these past days, I'm busy with both university (three exams in the first three weeks of december.. bah) and the game on the picture above. I haven't got much else to say than that I've finally taken myself time to play Oblivion seriously and I'm pretty much caught in this wonderful game. I love it!

Last but not least, I've finally got my result on my first exam at the university. I did much better than I'd expected - highest mark! :D Woho!

Spot on.

‎"I reckon hating someone is just a total fucking waste of time and effort. What do you get out of it in the end? Nothing. I'm not trying to come over like the Archangel Gabriel here. I just think that if you're pissed off with someone, call them an arsehole, get it out of your system, and move on. It's not like we're on this earth very long."
- Ozzy Osbourne

As I read "I am Ozzy" last night, this paragraph caught my attention. And I couldn't do more than agree with him. I personally know some people that linger waaay too much in the past and holds grudges for years of time. I mean, really? Just get on with your life and quit the hating. It's not like you feel better or get anything out of it.

Jaakko and Elin is coming to visit us next week, fun times! (and also = I have to study my brains out in order not to study that much while they're here. yaaay xD)


Uuh, back to the blog again. Sorry about the lack of updates this week but as I said - I've had a lot to do since I'm moving and everything. I'm going to take a few photos of the apartment tomorrow and post here, so yeah. :)

About the Raubtier concert... It was great! They played almost all my favourite songs, had a great stage prescence and even greeted the fans after the concert. I'm actually planning to see them again since I realized they're coming to Uppsala in november! :D
...oh and my review at WeRock of their new album reached 200 views in just two days or so. I'm really surprised! But it seems people enjoyed it at least and that's great.

Home.. or what?

Currently writing from my "main" computer home in my parent's house! Feels odd to be back in my room again. o_o Tomorrow we're going to visit my granddad who turns 85. That's my main reason for going home again.

In just two weeks I'll be back here again! That time for two reasons: 1. I'll collect my stuff to take back with me when we move into our apartment, 2. Seeing Raubtier live. Can't wait!

Raubtier - Hjäteblod

Kärlek är som en vässad kniv,
i onda händer tar den liv

Your soul is on fire~

Hohum. It's been a while hasn't it? I had a great midsummer and now it's only four days left until I'm off! It feels a little bit unreal, if you ask me.

Today I've got myself a dictionary, a tourist book and a huge bag to fill with all my stuff. And yesterday I got myself a new handbag. Aah, it's so close now! Oh and of course! My Gackt ticket arrived, I'm so relieved! I almost thought it got lost in the mail. Unfortunately I haven't taken the time to take a picture of it all... I guess I'll do so the following days. More packing tomorrow!

Mr. Alice Cooper - my current musical obsession, in lack of other pictures :)

You sadistic little liar
You're walking on the wire
You're bluffin' up with nothin'
And the bills are gettin' higher
Why trust you
You never made a dream come true

Midsummer is getting close

The weather is lovely in southern Sweden today. :) About 22 degrees celcius and loads of sun! I hope the weather will last until tomorrow since it's time for Midsummer! I will spend mine here at home with some guests, it will probably be great.
How are you going to spend yours?

I've really been enjoying this day because it feels like I've had some time to spend with myself, which is great. I've been practising my driving skills, sunbathed (like omg, the goth is out in the sun... getting a TAN?!), reading and just relaxing. It's been great. :) I hope your day have been great as well! Now it's time to fix some dinner.

Apartment rant

Good morning.
I started off this day by queueing for some new apartments... I'm getting stressed now, university starts in the end of august and it's not looking too good when it comes to somewhere to live. The apartment shortage is plain frustrating. It feels like I've vacuum-cleaned the whole net in search for an apartment in the city I'm moving to - and, as I said, it's not looking good. I'll keep my fingers crossed and it would be nice if someone else did as well. ;) I need all the luck I can get.

Uuh, yeah. Now what to do with the rest of the day? Probably some more Charmed I guess, since my throat isn't back to how it should be. I could barely speak this morning... Sorry for this boring post, but there's not too much to say about my life right now :P


Yesterday I had my drivers test... you know, the one in which you get to show how good you are at driving. It would probably have gone well, if it weren't for one thing: I got a temperature/fever the day before and thus, I ended up doing the test while being sick. Naturally, it didn't go well - I failed. I know it's not a huge thing since I get other chances (I've booked another time already), but I feel really disappointed and a bit stressed... I really have to have it before I'm off to London - which means I'm screwed if I don't pass the next time. Oh I am so mad at myself for getting sick at such a bad time. I know it's not the end of the world but every time I think of it it makes me feel nauseous. Craaaaaaaap.

Long time no see.

Hello again! It's been a while... ^^; So sorry, but a lot of stuff has happened. For example I have quit my job (because I graduated, and this job is only for high schoolers), and obviously I graduated as I said, went to Copenhagen Live (to see Rammstein among others), and... yeah. Lots of things. Now it's summer holidays, which means I have lots of time to write and re-design the blog ;) Because... soon it's time for London! :D when I'm there I'll try to update the blog daily.

(Damn, I am SO in love with this look. I want both the shirt and the pants, but I need to save all money for London, so.. yeah. >_<)

Oh and another thing. I was thinking of turning this blog into a swedish one... I'm not too sure yet, but somehow I feel like I don't have any readers from abroad anyway.. so... Oh well, we'll see!


Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm busy with my finals! I'll be back, with stuff to tell and hopefully a new layout within a short time.

Busy, busy, busy

I've been very productive this week! Went to work twice, had driving lessons twice, studied theory and bought clothes for the ball! :D
And, of course, my tooth has been repaired, thank god. I've been obsessed with tooth hygiene the last few weeks - I shall never more get a hole!

I've also been searching for apartments with my friend Otto... since we're both going to the same city and university, we'll share an apartment and therefore split the rent (=much cheaper!). But, of course it's not easy. There's a huge shortage of apartments here in Sweden and the queues are huge. I just hope we'll get hold of something before the term starts in the end of august... :/ Something like this would be great!

*sigh* One can always dream?

This is killing me

I'm still alive, although there's been quite a lack of blog updates...
These weeks are hectic! So much to do!
I mean, just look at this list:

x School (about 6 hours a day, mon-fri) + homeworks etc.
x Work twice a week (=6 hours)
x Driving school (so much theory to study... at least I'm pretty good at driving now, if I may say so.)
x Preparations for the ball (ticket bought, just the clothes left...)
x Preparations for graduation (hat bought, clothes and invitations left)
x Get a new appointment at the dentist's (for some reason my newly repaired tooth kills me ;_;)
x Get an appointment with a doctor to check my tail bone (because it hurts like hell)
x Planning the London trip and booking the flights
x Looking for apartments (I'm probably moving away from home when I start university in autumn)

This list kills me. Well, at least now you know why I don't really have the time to update this blog x_x

Farewell, Barcelona.

Home at last. I wouldn't have minded to stay another week... But! It's time for Uppcon in just a few days and I really wouldn't want to miss that. I've got a few busy days ahead of me, and on Thursday morning it's time to go~
I'd love to upload some photos from the trip, but I don't really have the time. :/ Maybe a few will appear later on when things have settled down a bit. I am busy for a few weeks now. This also means the blog will suffer, sad but true.
Now I'm off to eat some dinner, watch "Män som hatar kvinnor" and then go to bed. Tomorrow's school again. ._.'

Off I go!

In about eight hours I will leave home and head to Barcelona. Which means I won't update this blog for a week. Yup. So long, see you in a week! ♥


FUCKING YES! Today I got to know that I nailed my school project and got the highest grade possible! :D In swedish high schools we've got a subject called "projektarbete", which translates to "project work" or something like that, I wrote an essay about prejudices against clothing styles. All those hours of endless writing and researching finally payed off. :) I be hapi.

New layout~

New layout! But I still have some minor things to edit aaaand I will fix those things some other day when I've got the time. This layout is a lot darker than the previous one. It fits me better than a white and blue blog... *smirks* Hopefully I will have more time to write here than I've had the previous week. :)

Tomorrow is the last day of school before easter holidays, and on Sunday we're of to Barcelonaaa~ ayayay. Oh and I pimped my laptop yesterday. Hopefully I'll post a picture of it tomorrow... ;D

Now it's almost time for me to head to bed and read the rest of The Girl Who Played With Fire. Good night!

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