Busy busy

Aah, taking a break from the studies. So far my essay has become 3 pages (out of 5-6) long so I feel quite satisfied at the moment. I think I'll call it a day now. One page/day is my goal, haha (even though I wrote two pages yesterday, eheh.). And then I'll spend one day on the fine grounding. If I can keep this up I'll be done with it on... monday or something. Yep, good bye weekend!
I still have some welsh left to study though. I'm trying to get a chapter done each day (works pretty good, I'm almost done with today's chapter which is one out of three).
By the way, here's what I've spent my day listening to while studying:

Click the image to listen to the album through Spotify. :)

Oh and here's a picture I snapped yesterday since I found it extremely amusing. It's taken from Otto's chinese course book. XD

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Det bästa sättet att känna igen mig är på min frisyr. Stort och spretigt - och svart, förstås.


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