The Moomins

Sometimes I fall into obsessions. As some of my friends might have noticed, this time I'm really into the Moomins. I've acquired most of the TV episodes to watch all over again (and going all nostalgic over my childhood and the awesomeness of this show) and now I've decided to borrow the books from the library.

And now, as I'm sitting here, sipping my tea and passively watching the TV this sunday evening, I read a little about the Moomin Museum in Tampere - Finland. I think I'll go there this spring, both me and Otto have been thinking of visiting Finland now when we're living so close to that cold country.
Anyhow, when I was browsing their website I found this little webshop filled with Moomin goodies... 

Isn't this pillow case and notebook cute? Do want! Especially the notebook, it's got that special dark yet cute air to it which is so special about the Moomins.



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Det bästa sättet att känna igen mig är på min frisyr. Stort och spretigt - och svart, förstås.


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