Beyond Good and Evil

Today I finally finished the Beyond Good and Evil game! I loveloveloooove it!

You play a woman called Jade, who lives in a lighthouse on the planet Hillys together with her companion Pey'j. War has broken out between the alien creatures The DomZ and the hillyans, and numerous of hillyans has been kidnapped and never seen again. The Alpha Section, basically some guardians of Hillys, are being opposed by an organization called IRIS, who claims that they are working for The DomZ. Jade gets dragged into all of this, armed with her camera and her staff which is called Dai-jo and is very convenient during battles.

This game is just great, it's got all I want. A cool hero(ine), a camera function, puzzles to solve and sneaking around guards and stuff. Lovely! The only thing I can complain about is that it's a bit too short. I played it through in 13 hours in total, which isn't that much.

Random screenshot found on google images. This part was really hard but after numerous of tries I finally made it. Yay!



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