Friday! And I'm done with all studies for today which feels absolutely great. Soon we'll make some delicious dinner, watch TV and just enjoy the fact that it's finally friday. :)
Tomorrow we're probably off to IKEA - I have got get some stuff there and there's this huge supermarket next to it which means we'll try to fill up our food resources a bit as well.

I'm currently writing my only CD review for this month (I'm glad I didn't pick more than one, I'd never have the time considering how much I've had to study this month!). Which one it is? Aah. Do you remember the band Stahlmann I wrote about a while ago? Well, it's their debut album, haha.
Oh, and press the little album art to the left here to read our tips for music at WeRock during the autumn. (only in swedish though)



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Katsu Jag går under pseudonymen Katsu, är 20 år gammal och kommer från Skåne men bor för närvarande i Uppsala där jag pluggar. Mina intressen involverar bland annat metal (och lite andra musikaliska genrer), fotografi, språk och spel. Detta lär dyka upp här och var i bloggen.
Det bästa sättet att känna igen mig är på min frisyr. Stort och spretigt - och svart, förstås.


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