Goodness, it's been released and I've had time to listen through it. To start off, I think I'll have to explain a thing or two to those of you who don't know me. Moi dix Mois is one of the bands that influenced me a lot when I had just got into the world of metal and such, which I ironically entered through japanese culture and manga. Quite odd one might say? I started off with the extremely theatrical band MALICE MIZER who impressed me greatly, and especially one of the guitarists catched my interest. The man was named Mana and I found him to be very mysterious and appealing since he didn't speak at all in front of fans or cameras. In other words, no one really knew his voice. And on top of that he was a man but didn't really look like one.

Mana during the MIZER days.

I ended up becoming a huge fan. Not only because of his personality and looks, mind you. He was also a great composer and my favourite songs by the band was usually written by him. Anyhow, the band actually had split up when I got to know them, and I eventually found out that Mana nowadays had a solo project going on called Moi dix Mois in which he wrote all the music and basically ruled over it. I gave them a listen and absolutely loved it. I remained a huge Mana fan and MIZER and MDM fan, and suddently, one day a certain europe tour was announced in 2006. It wasn't really much of a tour considering it was only about two concert dates if I'm not mistaken. One in Berlin and one in Paris. I wanted to go so badly, but it was really expensive and I realized I probably wouldn't get the opportunity to go see the band. Still, I mentioned it to my parents, and to my amazement my father actually said he and I could go to the Berlin show. Guess how happy I was? Haha. That evening in Berlin was magical to me, not only was it a great show but it was Mana's birthday. I loved it, and when the band actually had a larger Europe tour the next year with Stockholm as one of the destinations, I went there. Of course. You can actually see a glimpse of me from the bonus videos in the DVD that was filmed during that tour, haha. It was great.

And now it's been 3 years since their last release, and the new album D+Sect is here. Let's say that I have changed a lot during these years and I'm not listening to Moi dix Mois or MALICE MIZER that often, but they're still some of my favourite bands ever and when I put them into my CD player or computer there's constantly a smile on my face. They mean a lot to me.

However, this post is almost becoming a huge essay so I'll try to stop now. This new album is typically Mana styled, haha. I might not appreciate it as much as I used to a few years ago but I still think it's an excellent album and deep inside me the younger me aches for a new Europe tour. And who knows, perhaps they'll come back to Europe soon...? I will most certainly go see them if that's the case. ;)

Oh and I almost forgot to add that I have yet to get my own copy of the album since I asked cdjapan to send it to my parent's address since I didn't know if I would still be here when it was delivered. I'll post more about this later when I'm at home and I will most certainly write a review for Werock about it. If you actually read this whole post I salute you.



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